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Fast. Solid. Economical.

Save time. Save money. Use pre-engineered structures from Miller Bros. Construction Inc.

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Brewing Capacity

New Brewery for popular beer maker

Distribution Capacity

New 100,000 sf distribution center for plumbing supply manufacturer

Manufacturing Capacity

New 350,000 sf plant for national door and window manufacturer

Fabrication Capacity

New multi-structure facility for wood products manufacturer

Production Capacity

Renovations to existing brewery

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Building business from the ground up
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Pre-engineered Structures

Brewery Addition

Pre-engineered structures from Miller Bros. are as close as the construction industry comes to “instant success.”

Pre-cast concrete sections, preassembled steel superstructures, tilt-up masonry walls and other pre-engineered modules are used to integrate with existing facilities or create new construction.

Economical production, swift assembly and enduring strength add up to earlier occupancy, lower costs and long-term satisfaction for Miller Bros. Construction customers.

Another example of pre-engineered structures completed by Miller Bros. Construction Inc. can be found at the recently-completed wood products manufacturing facility pictured here. Top photo shows worksite as the project began. Lower photo shows the completed project.

Wood Products Facility

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